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We are proud of what we do and the service we offer. We design and make your kitchen with you and recognise the trust being put in us to deliver a key part of your home. Here is a little bit about how we operate. It is not growth that drives us as a business but the desire to always produce outstanding and long lasting products

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We like to start with a site visit to get a feel of the space and what our customers likes and dislikes are. We then begin designing your kitchen with you there and then on our superb design software. We believe we have earned the right to call our selves experts in design and space functionality.


All our kitchens, bedrooms and furniture are made by our small team in our workshop in Burgh-by-Sands. Everything is genuinely made to measure and we hope our striving for excellence is reflected in the finished product that leaves our shop.


Installation is carried out by ourselves and is one of our favourite parts of our job. To see the customers excitement after often months of planning and manufacture come to fruition is extremely rewarding

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